The Workshop of World Politics (event archive)

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IR Professor Tilo Schabert spoke at our Liberty Forum event about international relations and european integration from a historical and philosophical perspective. During the discussion he addressed the elite-led construction of the European Union, the original French and German ideas of a European federal system and the constitutional lessons learned from the German unification, as well as potential […]

Is It Only a Matter of Time Before the Euro Collapses? (event archive)

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Dr Iain Begg (professor, London School of Economics) spoke at a joint event of the Common Sense Society, the LSE Alumni and the Hungarian Europe Society about the effects of the financial crisis on the European Union. His lecture addressed the most important question of the future regarding the financial and economic integration of the […]

Start up! – Just do it (event archive)

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Young entrepreneurs in action: three myth busting stories that will inspire you, motivate you, and make you believe that yes, you can do it too. Our role models for business creation talked about how to stay in learning mode, how to start-up your own business in Hungary and just do it. Our panel was moderated […]