The Culture of Philanthropy

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Susan Hutchison, the Executive Director of the Charles Simonyi Fund spoke at the Liberty Forum event about philanthropy culture in the United States and Hungary. During the discussion she addressed the philanthropy led political culture and the differences between the US and CEE. Her unique insight through her professional career as a distinguished TV news anchor, […]

Marion Smith: Four Recommendations for Hungary’s Proposed Constitution

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Abstract: Although a free and democratic state after the reforms of 1989, Hungary has never had a legitimate written constitution that unambiguously represents the consent of the governed. In September 2010, the Fidesz–KDNP government, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, initiated a constitution drafting process, and on March 14, it formally submitted a draft constitution […]

Marion Smith: Hungary Needs A Constitutional Ratification Convention

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Led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Hungary is finally getting a new constitution. The old one was adopted in 1949 and significantly amended in 1989, leaving Hungary as the only country in the former Eastern Bloc that did not formally adopt a new constitution upon gaining independence. Doing so now is monumentally important. The governing […]

Hungary’s New Constitution: Prospects for the Rule of Law & Liberty in New Europe (event archive)

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At this critical juncture, Hungary has the chance to provide a model for proper constitutionalism in Europe.  To fail, in the words of Alexander Hamilton, would be a “general misfortune for mankind.”  Americans are watching with expectation Hungary’s new experiment in establishing good government. The event was co-sponsored by the Hungarian American Coalition and the Heritage […]

Empowering workers in Chile by Jose Pinera

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András Simonovits (research advisor, Hungarian Academy of Sciences), our guest expert on pension systems around the world and in Hungary moerated a discussion on Jose Piñera’s study on the lessons of  Chile’s successful private pension system. With the help of the pension reform, Chile managed to defeat poverty in a free society and could grow beyond […]

Hungary’s iPad Constitution

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In what will surely be a publicity boon for Apple, especially among political scientists, Hungary’s new constitution is being written on an iPad. Thus far, this is one of the best-known bits of information concerning Hungary’s current constitutional drafting process. But lovers of liberty should take note of Hungary’s project not because it is a […]