Roma Integration: Whose Responsibility? (event archive)

October 19, 2011 by  
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Social inclusion of the Roma is and will be one of the greatest challenges of Hungarian society in this decade, an issue that we cannot and should not ignore. But how do we go about Roma integration and who is ultimately responsible for ensuring their social inclusion? The majority of the society or the minority […]

Rediscovering the Magyar Magic (event archive)

Our event showcased successful entrepreneurs who promote Hungarian cultural heritage while adapting to the marketing needs of our times. Turn-of-the-century apartments redesigned, hundred-year-old recipes rediscovered, fashion trends reimagined, and folk rhymes reinterpreted. A discussion about how Hungarian cultural brands are competitive and “in” again. Our guests were: Katalin Pintér, director – Gerbeaud, Szandra Sándor, fashion designer […]