Debate: Has Modern Feminism Betrayed Women? (event archive)

February 22, 2012 by  

Details: Just like any other school of thought, feminism has been known to exist in various forms. While the accomplishments of first-wave feminism, first and foremost the suffrage for women, are praised by almost everyone, the more recent waves of the feminist movement are very much a subject of controversy. Reproductive rights, affirmative action, the decline of traditional marriages, and new theories of gender divide the populace. Many fear that these trends will destabilize society while others hail them as the next steps of women’s liberation.

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Can we say that modern feminism has gone too far and attempt to avert its negative consequences? Or is this a fear of the unknown that holds us back on the way towards greater freedom for women?

Arguing in the affirmative were: Dr András Lánczi (Corvinus University of Budapest) and Dr Petra Aczél (Corvinus University of Budapest)

Arguing against were: Dr Andrea Pető (Central European University) and Ayse Gül Altinay (Sabanci University, Turkey)

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One Response to “Debate: Has Modern Feminism Betrayed Women? (event archive)”
  1. Berza says:

    Wow, Rich, that’s a huge question.I’m not eritnely sure there’s a single spectrum of feminism. The groups I can think of off the top of my head overlap in different ways and I think I’d be hard pressed to find a single spectrum they all fit along. They are:Sex-positive Feminists sometimes called pro-sex or pro-pornstitution or not real feminists , these folks feel that sex and sexuality are important and awesome. Quoth : Sex-positive feminism centers on the idea that sexual freedom is an essential component of women’s freedom. As such, sex-positive feminists oppose legal or social efforts to control sexual activities between consenting adults, whether these efforts are initiated by the government, other feminists, opponents of feminism, or any other institution. They embrace sexual minority groups, endorsing the value of coalition-building with members of groups targeted by sex-negativity. Sex-positive feminism is connected with the sex-positive movement.There’re also anti-pornography feminists. These folks believe that porn, prostitution, stripping, and other commercializations of sexuality are inherently degrading to women, and often refer to any form of these as pornstitution. has a huge article on the topic.Separatist Feminists believe that heterosexual relationships are inherently unequal and unfair to women, but I think this school has largely died out.There’s Difference Feminism, which holds that men and women are inherently different biologically, but are equals. This is in opposition to schools of feminism which hold that men and women are essentially the same.There’s Postmodern Feminism, which turns the deconstructive tools of postmodern academia on the ideas of gender and sex.There are also schools of feminism that surround particular racial/ethnic subcultures Latina Feminism, Black Feminism, etc. I find that most bloggers are white, middle/upper-class feminists, and that bugs me.Wikipedia has a nice of some subtypes.Personally, I’m sex-positive, quasi-libertarian in my feminist ideals. I believe that women and men are equals sure, we have some plumbing differences but unless you’re making a baby, those should be ignored. I think jobs like firefighting should have minimum standards for height/weight/strength/speed/whatever and that anyone male OR female who meets em should be able to do the job.I think that modern society is really hard on both men AND women in different ways, and that we need to stop blaming each other in great big groups ( Men are such pigs! Women are all grasping bitches! ) and move forward together. Not all men are rapists, and I’ve gotten more shit about my appearance from women than I ever have from men.Not sure if that totally answers your question, Rich feel free to ask for elaboration if necessary! :)

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