Hungary’s Checks and Balances: Alive and Well? (event archive)

May 31, 2012 by  

Hungary’s democratic checks and balances have been the subject of heavy criticism and scrutiny – both foreign and domestic. Some have argued that the new constitution weakens the separation of powers while others see the potential of judicial activism in interpreting the new constitution as a strong counterbalancing factor. The political discourse is preoccupied with arguing over separation of powers – or the lack thereof – while the voice of those who serve as real checks on the government are rarely heard. CSS  therefore held an off the record discussion with Constitutional Court Justice dr. Péter Kovács to delve into the realities of Hungary’s new constitutional power structure and the political importance  of the new Basic Law’s judicial interpretation. Dr. Sándor Udvary, advisor to the Constitutional Court will moderate the discussion.

Read the event summary on Paprika Politik here.

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