New Forms of Capitalism and the Matrix of Human Rights Governance Networks (event archive)

September 24, 2013 by  

CSS held a members-only discussion with Jim Kelly, President of the Solidarity Center for Law and Justice of Atlanta, Georgia USA, moderated by CSS President Marion Smith. The discussion covered ideas as the fairness of “classical” capitalism and new forms of capitalism designed to soften the excesses of the free market system. Mr. Kelly argued that while the United Nations, the European Union, and international NGOs have developed a Matrix of Human Rights Governance Networks that is insisting that transnational businesses promote and fund a host of ambiguous and costly economic rights, these developments, with which the UK and other nations are cooperating, raise serious concerns about their impact on business formation and national sovereignty.


Jim Kelly  who is the Founder and President of Solidarity Center for Law and Justice, P.C., a human rights law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is an attorney who, in his capacity as a delegate to many international human rights conferences, has witnessed first hand the development of the Matrix of Human Rights Governance Networks and its promotion of a business and human rights agenda. Jim also serves as the Director of International Affairs for the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies and is the Founder and Director of the Federalist Society’s Global Governance Watch project. From 2005-2008, Jim served as the Chairman of the Social and Human Sciences committee of the U.S National Commission to UNESCO. He is a frequent lecturer in Central and Eastern Europe on constitutionalism, human rights governance, and sovereignty issues.

This event was open to Members of the Common Sense Society and Alumni of the CSS Summer Leadership Academy.




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