The Psychology of Winning (event archive)

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Athletes know best that the mind influences performance. Certain mental strategies help athletes  to perform best at competitions. How do athletes improve mental skills to overcome  barriers and gain a  competitive edge? If sport psychology is essential to achieve peak performance in sports, what lessons can be applied  in an increasingly competitive environment in other fields? Associate Director of the Common Sense Society Emese Böröcz moderated a discussion with Olympic Gold Medalist sabre fencer Áron Szilágyi and Dr. Róbert Kárpáti, psychiatrist and Head of the Psychiatric Center at St George’s Hospital

Áron Szilágyi 
 is an Olympic gold medalist sabre fencer. Áron was selected for the Hungarian adult national team when he was only 17 years old. He was member of the bronze medalist team in the 2009 World Championships, won the bronze medal in Sheffield in the individual European Championships in 2011, and was the first member of the Hungarian Olympic Team to win a gold medal in London in 2012. Áron is currently studying psychology at Károli Gáspár University.

Dr. Róbert Kárpáti 
is neurologist, psychiatrist and Head of the Psychiatric Center at St George’s Hospital in Fejer County. Dr. Kárpáti has been working with the national fencing team for ten years now, and started coaching Olympic fencing champion Áron Szilágyi two years ago, assisting him in preparing psychologically for his championships. Having drawn experience from both his medical practice and athletic past as an epee fencer, Dr. Kárpáti has co-authored a gap filling book in Hungary on sport psychology.
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