The Power of Social Innovation (event archive)

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In cooperation with Civic Enterprises, the Common Sense Society hosted the spring season’s last event, where panelists Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy (Design Terminál), László Radácsi (SmartLab, Budapest Business School), Gábor Grész (Campus Crusade Hungary), and Márton Aichelburg (Civic Enterprises) discussed how civic entrepreneurs ignite community networks for good.

The introduction of the represented organizations – which all have a significantly different approach towards public problems, innovation, and entrepreneurship – was followed by the discussion of innovative versus adaptive entrepreneurship. The panelists all agreed that there shouldn’t be a divide between the two as both are equally necessary. Adapting new models and approaches will ultimately lead to innovation. “Customers cannot be invented; you always need to find them,” said Radácsi, to demonstrate the need for adaptation.

Panelists also discussed the conflict between the motivation of individuals and the mission of organizations, which can be seen as an opportunity but can also be a source of major tension. Grész shared his view of the current generation’s struggle searching for a meaningful life, calling them “left-alone generation,” not ready to inherit the world. In contrast, Böszörményi-Nagy believed that new challenges will motivate the new generations. Panelists agreed that the fundamental change of the value system in the 90’s requires the integration of new values into organizational structures for a successful future.

Panelists shared their experiences with cross-sectoral partnerships and agreed that there is room for improvement, highlighting that the government needs to learn the language of entrepreneurs and vice versa. Böszörményi-Nagy underlined the importance of setting successful entrepreneurs as role models while incentivizing the government to be “more attracted” to people with entrepreneurial spirit.

The event was co-hosted by Civic Enterprises. 

Panel discussants: 
Gergely Böszörményi Nagy (Design Terminál) László Radácsi (SmartLab, Budapest Business School) Gábor Grész (Campus Crusade Hungary)
Moderated by Márton Aichelburg (Civic Enterprises)


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