RETURN – U.S. Alumni in Hungary Retreat

June 30, 2015 by  

In January 2015 alumni organizations of young Hungarian professionals who have returned home after their experiences in the United States rebooted the tradition of an annual RETURN – U.S. Alumni in Hungary conference. Following the success of the 3rd annual conference, the first RETURN Alumni Retreat was held in Chateau Bánó in Felsőmocsolád between April 10-12.

The aim of the retreat was to promote cooperation and communication between the alumni organizations in Hungary, to support the reintegration of returnees, bridging between members and sharing information on projects of individual participants. The theme of the event was Better Together, symbolizing the participants’ goal to strengthen Hungarian Community by building bridging social capital.

Many of the alumni groups were represented at the event: Calasanctius Training Program, Common Sense Society, Fulbright Association, Hungarian American Coalition Congressional Internship Program, Hungarian American Enterprises Scholarship Fund, Institute of International Education and IvyPlus.

Emese Böröcz, Director of Common Sense Society moderated the group discussion about the “Image of Hungary in the World,” and presented CSS’s blog,, where observers of Hungary (both inside and out) present their thoughts on current politics, economic trends, and the state of society and culture at all levels.


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