Hungary’s Fight for Economic Sovereignty (event archive)

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As the entire Euro zone struggles with a prolonged legitimacy crisis and an imminent break-up of the much treasured European economic solidarity is in shambles, Hungary continues to come up with “unorthodox” solutions to fix its own problems. Former head of the Hungarian National Bank, previous Minister of Finance, Zsigmond Járai shared his thoughts on money, […]

Debate: Should voting rights be extended to Hungarians abroad? (event archive)

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[Scroll down for event summary.] Every state has the right to decide whether they wish to grant the right to vote to their citizens residing abroad. Throughout Europe, there are different responses to this problem depending on circumstances, history and the geopolitical environment. As Hungary is drawing up its new electoral system and considers offering […]

Roma Integration: Whose Responsibility? (event archive)

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Social inclusion of the Roma is and will be one of the greatest challenges of Hungarian society in this decade, an issue that we cannot and should not ignore. But how do we go about Roma integration and who is ultimately responsible for ensuring their social inclusion? The majority of the society or the minority […]

Rediscovering the Magyar Magic (event archive)

Our event showcased successful entrepreneurs who promote Hungarian cultural heritage while adapting to the marketing needs of our times. Turn-of-the-century apartments redesigned, hundred-year-old recipes rediscovered, fashion trends reimagined, and folk rhymes reinterpreted. A discussion about how Hungarian cultural brands are competitive and “in” again. Our guests were: Katalin Pintér, director – Gerbeaud, Szandra Sándor, fashion designer […]

Film screening: The Birth of Freedom (event archive)

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At our  film screening, we watched and discussed the Acton Institute’s documentary, The Birth of Freedom. Why is the right to pursue our liberty self-evident or unalienable? Why would anyone believe that all men are created equal? That all should be free? That all deserve a voice in choosing their leaders? The special screening in […]

Should the Hungarian State Support Churches…at all? (event archive)

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At our Liberty Forum, three distinguished Hungarian academics Péter Hack (ELTE – School of Law), Renáta Uitz (Central European University), Orsolya Salát (ELTE – School of Law) shared their views about the role of the state in religious affairs at our public panel, moderated by CSS president Marion Smith. (Scroll down for event summary!) When […]

Our past Speakers included…

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Is Discrimination Immoral? (event archive)

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The last event of the summer was a discussion with Roger Pilon, Founder and Director of Cato Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies about why progressive and Western governments aim to champion “equal rights for everyone” by built-in guarantees against discrimination.  We explored whether the state have a responsibility to outlaw prejudice and discrimination in the private sector. […]

The Legacy of Ronald Reagan (video)

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A discussion with Ronald Reagan’s special advisor and Attorney General Ed Meese moderated by the president’s speechwriter, Peggy Noonan about the life and legacy of Reagan, and how he thought about this part of the world. How did Reagan view America’s role in the future freedom of captive nations? What were his expectations regarding this […]

Should the EU Have a Common Military? (event archive)

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The final debate of this season centered around the question of  European security. Arguing in the affirmative were Lt. Zoltán Szenes (Zrinyi Miklós University) and Zoltán Gálik (Corvinus University). Arguing in opposition were former US Ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker (SAIS, CTR) and Csaba Törő(Hungarian Institute for International Affairs). Special thanks to the Allianz Kulturstiftung for sponsoring this event. Scroll down for the […]

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