The Corruption of Liberty with Tibor Machan

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CSS members discussed individualism, ethics, and the state of liberty today with special guest economist and philosopher Dr. Tibor Machan.

Hungary’s Dual Citizenship Law

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Resolution: This House Believes that the Hungarian citizenship law amendment is an act of revisionism. On the Hungarian side arguing against the dual citizenship act (and in favor of the House) were Gábor Egry and Anna Stumpf. On the opposing Slovak side arguing in favor of the dual citizenship act were Tomas Surgos and Lucia […]

Diplomatic Discussion with the US Ambassador to Hungary

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An informal discussion with Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis, the new US Ambassador to Hungary.

Is a strong government enough to turn Hungary around?

What should be the ideal role of the state in post-crisis Hungary? What happened to economic freedom in the global bailout syndrome? What should drive Hungarian GDP in the next 5-10 years? What is a “strong” government anyway? A panel discussion with Imre Hild (OTP Life Annuity), Lászlo Balassy (Citigroup), Stefan Messman (CEU), and Peter […]

The Politics of Bioethics

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What are the ethical considerations behind human cloning, eugenics, and stem cell research? Is human dignity lost on the way to progress in medicine? A discussion about the Value of Human Life in our Brave New World with guest speaker Prof. William L. Saunders, Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs at Americans United for Life.

Film Screening: “Incubator”

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Film Screening: “Incubator” (April 7, 2010) Can Hungarian identity be preserved abroad? A compelling documentary about having two homelands at the same time – one in real life, and the other imagined and maintained by parents who were forced to flee. The screening was followed by a discussion with director Réka Pigniczky about growing up […]

The Hungarian Political System

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Tóth Csaba (author), Szabó Márk (Nézőopont), and Héjj Dávid (Századvég) discussed the critical elections of 2010 in Hungary and the tectonic changes in Hungarian politics a propos the launch of a new book, The Hungarian Political System.

Diplomatic Discussion with the Slovak Ambassador to Hungary

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CSS members held a discussion with His Excellency, the Slovak Ambassador Peter Weiss on the upcoming elections in both Hungary and Slovakia, the language law, and Hungarian-Slovak relations.

Multiculturalism in Europe

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Guest debaters, Attila Károly Molnár (ELTE) and Tibor Dessewffy (Demos) debated the future of identity, religion and immigration in Europe. The resolution, This House believes that multiculturalism is a sustainable social model for Europe, was rejected by those present.

Diplomatic Discussion with the British Ambassador to Hungary

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HM Ambassador Greg Dorey from the British Embassy in Budapest joined CSS members for a discussion on the results of the London Conference on Afghanistan that was held on the 28th of January and Iran’s nuclear program.

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