Monetary Policy Since the Change of Regime (event archive)

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On November 30, the Common Sense Society, the Hungarian Fulbright Association, and the Hungarian LSE Alumni Association organized a debate between two former Hungarian Central Bank Governors, titled „Monetary Policy Since the Change of Regime: Looking Back and Looking Forward.” Dr György Surányi and Dr Péter Ákos Bod discussed a number of topics, including the […]

Transatlantic Roundtable Series Budapest (event archive)

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The Common Sense Society co-hosted the fourth meeting of the Transatlantic Roundtable Series at Hotel Gellért in Budapest on July 9 and 10, sponsored by the Transatlantic Renewal Project, an initiative of the World Affairs Institute and Journal. The Transatlantic Renewal Project is driven by the belief that the transatlantic partnership is fundamental to the […]

RETURN – U.S. Alumni in Hungary Retreat

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In January 2015 alumni organizations of young Hungarian professionals who have returned home after their experiences in the United States rebooted the tradition of an annual RETURN – U.S. Alumni in Hungary conference. Following the success of the 3rd annual conference, the first RETURN Alumni Retreat was held in Chateau Bánó in Felsőmocsolád between April 10-12. […]

Reading Group: Two Concepts of Liberty by Isaiah Berlin

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On Thursday, February 26 the Common Sense Society hosted a Reading Group featuring “Two Concepts of Liberty” by Isaiah Berlin. “Isaiah Berlin (1909–97) was a British philosopher, historian of ideas, political theorist, educator and essayist. For much of his life he was renowned for his conversational brilliance, his defence of liberalism, his attacks on political […]

What Is Liberalism? And Do We Want It? (event archive)

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What is Liberalism? And do we want it? These fundamental questions were at the center of a lively panel discussion hosted by the Common Sense Society at Centrál Kávéház on January 27, featuring speakers M. André Goodfriend, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the United States Embassy, András Lánczi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees […]

DIP! Discussion with the Ambassador of France (event archive)

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DIP! Discussion with the Ambassador of France H.E. Roland Galharague, Ambassador of France to Hungary discussed French-Hungarian relations, the future of the EU, as well as energy policy issues, with a special emphasis on ways to fight climate change. The event was moderated by Júlia Lakatos, political analyst and Pannonius Fellow of the Common Sense […]

DIP! Discussion with the Ambassador of Latvia (event archive)

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The Ambassador of Latvia to Hungary, H.E. Imants Lieģis and Kester Eddy, Freelance journalist, contributor to the Financial Times and Business New Europe discussed the history of the Baltics, including the anti-Soviet ”Singing Revolution” 25 years ago, as well as Latvia’s NATO membership and its upcoming Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2015.