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“The Democratic Disconnect”
by Roberto Stefan Foa and Yascha Mounk 


Date: Wednesday, November 8.
Time: 6:30 PM
Place: Saint Ignatius Jesuit College of Excellence, 1085 Budapest, Horánszky street 18.

journal of democracyThe Journal of Democracy is the world’s leading publication on the theory and practice of democracy. Since its first appearance in 1990, it has engaged both activists and intellectuals in critical discussions of the problems of and prospects for democracy around the world. Today, the Journal is at the center of debate on the major social, political, and cultural challenges that confront emerging and established democracies alike.

“Democratic Disconnect” focuses on a phenomenon in the Western Hemisphere as across a wide sample of countries in North America and Europe, citizens of mature democracies have become markedly less satisfied with their form of government and surprisingly open to nondemocratic alternatives. A serious democratic disconnect has emerged. If it widens even further, it may begin to challenge the stability of seemingly consolidated democracies.

The discussion will be led by Dorián Elek from Common Sense Society
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