The Common Sense Society is primarily a membership organization. Because CSS does not accept governmental or political-party funding, CSS relies on the support of its members. Our members allow CSS to remain a truly independent voice on politics, economics, and culture in Hungary.

Our members span a diverse range of backgrounds and professions including academia, business, diplomacy, the media, the arts, NGOs, and the public sector. As a member you become part of this network, but at the same time enable CSS to fulfill its mission of promoting civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and the ideals of responsible liberty in Hungary.

CSS believes in personal enterprise and civic engagement and these qualities are embodied by our members. From time to time, we feature a few of our members on this page. Through their actions, these individuals are making a positive difference in Hungary every day:


Márton Aichelburg: “Common Sense Society is the best social hub for young intellectuals, entrepreneurs and public policy experts in Budapest.”

Márton Aichelburg is the founder of Civic Enterprises and Senior Mentor Program, a social movement that brings senior citizens into public elementary schools to improve the reading abilities of schoolchildren, through one-to-one tutoring. Márton worked for the Hungarian American Coalition that promotes public understanding and awareness of Hungarian American issues as an intern in New York City and Washington D.C. Furthermore, he worked for a consulting firm, Community Wealth Ventures, Inc. that helps nonprofit organizations become more self-sustaining by generating revenue through business ventures and corporate partnerships, as an intern in D.C.

William Clothier: “Since joining CSS I feel vastly more informed about the economic and political issues facing Hungry and the main points of debate. I hope the discussions at CSS go at least a little way in helping Hungary become more competitive and successful in the world arena.”

After Abingdon School (Oxfordshire), Will graduated from Warwick University with a BSc in Management Science. He worked for Tower Finance Group Limited in New Zealand for 2 years before returning to London to manage projects for telecoms start-up, Band-X. In April 2004, he focused activity in Budapest to start a new career following passions for architecture and design inherited from his Austro-Hungarian forefathers co-founding, with Peter Grundberg,  a private equity investment business,  a property renovation business (WICLO) and the arts club, Brody House, as part of WP Entertainments;  a lifestyle and events business.  A keen sportsman, Will has competed at a professional level in yacht racing (GB and World Cup medallist),  1st division class rugby (in England and New Zealand) and is a keen cross country skier, horse rider and water polo player. Will also commentates at polo matches throughout Europe.  He is a member of the Hurlingham (London) and Royal Thames Yacht Club (London).

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